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On, our objective is to create an honest forum for parents and caregivers to share their experiences and feelings while navigating our own mental health challenges, including mental illness.

In order to achieve our goal of honest discussion, we have implemented anonymous posting, where users are not required to add personally identifiable information, such as a name or email address, in order to post a topic or provide a response or comment.

We strive to provide peace of mind, comfort and a sense of trust for those using our forum.

Before accessing the Forum, you must read and agree to the following Terms of Use:

  1. I am over the age of 13. Additionally, if I am in the European Economic Area, I am over the age required by the laws of my country to use Parental Mental.
  2. I understand that this website is not monitored and that posted (“Content“), including questions, answers and comments on the Forum and other pages (“Your Content”), including, but not limited to the website and social media, are not reviewed, censored or moderated.
  3. The nature of the information posted to Parental Mental might be funny, serious, offensive, upsetting or more, but while interacting (reading, writing, sharing), please show respect to others when posting. Content will be reviewed and possibly moderated if a complaint is received and is deemed to be reasonable.
  4. Parental Mental takes no responsibility for, and we do not expressly or implicitly endorse, any of Your Content.
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    Because you alone are responsible for Your Content, you may expose yourself to liability if you post or share Content without all necessary rights.
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The following content is NOT ACCEPTABLE:

+ Pornographic in nature,
+ Any inappropriate content alluding to minors,
+ Inappropriate sexual content (talking about sex among consenting adults is acceptable),
+ Encourages or incites violence (discussing thoughts of violence is acceptable within reasonable limits),
+ Threatens, harasses or defames a person, culture, belief, lifestyle, etc., and/or encourages others to do so,
+ Presents personal and confidential information about the poster or someone else (doxing),
+ Impersonates an individual or entity in a misleading or deceptive manner,
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+ Is considered spam,
+ It offends basic human decency.

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