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If you are in crisis, please contact Emergency Services (9-1-1, 9-9-9, etc.),
your medical professional, or your local hospital, immediately.


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Access to mental health resources is very limited, and we are building up our list.
If you have suggestions for inclusion on our list, please click here to message with the site’s name, URL and country/region that it serves.

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This is a list that I will continue to compile, and is based upon my years of reading and research while managing my own mental health.
I stand behind these resources (and do not receive compensation for promoting them)

Ignore It: How Selectively Looking The Other Way Can Decrease Behavioral Problems and Increase Parenting Satisfaction by Dr. Catherine Pearlman – This book teaches frustrated, stressed-out parents that selectively ignoring certain behaviors can actually inspire positive changes in their kids. Tip: Diligence is required!

Tell Your Story – A free, printable worksheet for kids, adults and families to help manage emotions. Developed by a parent and child, it’s a simple exercise inspired by CBT, DBT and ACT.

Prana Breath: Calm & Meditate App by Oleksandr Albul – Ancient traditions and modern science combine in this simple, free app, giving us the power of breathing and meditation to increase  mindfulness and live a better life.

ACT on Life Not on Anger by Georg H. Eifert, Matthew McKay and John P. Forsyth – This was the first book that I read, once I recognized that I needed help. ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) has been highly effective for me. The book teachers readers how to accept angry feelings as they occur, without judging or trying to manage them, and gaining control over life. An easy, yet very effective read, especially recommended for men.

The Awakened Family: A Revolution in Parenting by Dr. Shefali Tsabary – In print and audiobook format, written by an expert in family dynamics. This book changed my life, both, in reflecting on my own childhood, and as a parent, in considering my parenting style.

The Body Never Lies by Alice Miller – This phenomenal book explores the long-range consequences of childhood abuse on the body, and shows how a child’s humiliation, impotence, and bottled rage will manifest itself as adult illness—be it cancer, stroke, or other debilitating diseases.

Running On Empty: Overcome Your Childhood Emotional Neglect by Dr. Jonice Webb – Childhood emotional neglect, which is “so subtle that it goes virtually unnoticed by everyone while it does its silent damage to people’s lives.” is effectively addressed in this book.


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