It takes courage to share your thoughts and feelings, and we appreciate yours.

We all live different lives, have different encounters and experience different perspectives, and from those, we have gained our own practical knowledge. It is this knowledge that we hope you will share, respectfully, so that you can support others who may benefit from your insight, and go on to lead a healthier life.
That is #RelatableSolidarity.

This forum is intended as an open and safe space to share ideas and feelings, and to help our mental health, together.
We encourage you to write freely, and have made all posting features available as “Anonymous”.
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Please observe the only rule of the Parental Mental forum:
Respect other people’s experiences as you would like them to respect yours.

There are four categories:

    • ISO Help – Parents who are seeking (non-medical) advice in managing their mental health,
    • Stories To Share – Things that have happened in your personal experience, and need to be shared with other parents,
    • Good News – Because we all have positive aspects of our lives, even when everything seems heavy,
    • Vent/Rant – Frustrated? Post it here.

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