Welcome to the first post on Parental Mental!
I’m Leanne, the creator of this site, and I’m sharing my good news, which is the launch!
Over four years ago, I left my long-established career in the corporate world because I was suffering mental illness. 
At that time, I’d wanted to establish a resource to help other parents who were going through the same thing that I was.
I’ve had the dream of creating this forum for many years and, with motivation from the COVID-19 lock-down and supportive people on social media and in my daily life, I finally produced! 
Four years of thought were hyper-focused into four days of design, and here we are: Parental Mental is finally live!

I hope this serves as an inspiration to others out there. In addition to providing a space for parents to talk, I hope that it shows, no matter how low you feel right now, something good, and often unexpected, may be waiting just around the corner and will change your life. 

Parental Mental