Today was a really hard day and I got angry about a bunch of things. 
I was upset at my husband and our child was in another room. 
I said something like “if no one cares or wants to listen to me then I should just kill myself.” and my child heard and is now upset. 
I feel bad because I said it but it was how I felt and I have a hard time controlling my emotions and I lash out.
I don’t want to kill myself but am so upset and confused that I actually believe it, but I would never go through with it. It is not a lie or a fake out but I really feel that way when I am saying it. 
I talked to my child and told them I would never want to be away from them and wouldn’t kill myself but that I say things when I’m angry and sad and have to be more careful. 
I feel bad and like a bad example to my child. 

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