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It takes courage to share your thoughts and feelings, and we appreciate yours.

By expressing your thoughts and asking a question, you are helping yourself and the many others who read your question and its answers.

This forum is intended as an open and safe space to express ourselves and to help our mental health, and we are working to make the Question posting feature Anonymous by default.

Currently, you can Answer anonymously.

To post a Question in the Forum, please use whatever name you’d like, and use [email protected] as the email address to ensure that your privacy is protected.

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There are four categories:

    • ISO Help – Parents who are seeking (non-medical) advice in managing their mental health,
    • Stories To Share – Examples of things that have happened and need to be shared with other parents,
    • Good News – Because we all have positive aspects of our lives, even when everything seems heavy,
    • Vent/Rant – Frustrated? Post it here.

To keep things organized, please try to post in the most appropriate category.
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