About Leanne

Leanne is available for speaking engagements, to consult and advise clinicians, professionals, community groups, government, schools, businesses and service organizations on supporting parental mental health, including mental illness and ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder).

She also delivers workshops and presentations on how to better understand and accommodate individuals (children and adults) living with ADHD and its related mental health concerns, to provide more equitable and inclusive opportunities for participation.

In limited situations, Leanne provides coaching, advice and support to individuals who want to gain a better understanding of living with an individual who has ADHD. The focus is on non-ADHD adults living with their diagnosed partner.
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My name is Leanne Minichillo, and I’ve created Parental Mental to help parents gain access to information, resources and a supportive network of other parents and caregivers to share and discuss the multitude of aspects that go along with caring for children while managing our own mental health.

A few years ago, at age 40, I went through a very difficult time with my (mental) health.

During my illness and continual recovery, because writing to myself and to others about my situation and state of mind has worked wonders for my healing,  I had the goal of establishing a space as a means for open and honest conversation and support. A place for parents to come together through Relatable Solidarity; sharing similar circumstances and finding solutions together. A way to alleviate some of the pressure while you’re seeking professional help.

It is my belief that, when we share our feelings, especially through writing, we purge them from inside of us and allow external solutions to present themselves.


Leanne is a powerful voice in promoting an understanding of, and empathy toward, mental health concerns.

A 1st Voice, lived-experience perspective from living 40 years with undiagnosed ADHD and its related mental health concerns (anxiety, depression), including mental illness, and then [still] learning how to parent with it, Leanne encourages a more compassionate future for herself and others by sharing insights and resources through her public presentations, social media, websites and anonymous public forum, ParentalMental.com

Leanne advocates for parents with mental health concerns to help create a better understanding of the struggles that are faced, especially when society is still misinformed about this large, but often ignored segment of our population.

Leanne also works to create awareness about ADHD, an “invisible” disability, to educate people on its complex symptoms, and strengthen recognition and inclusivity to stop the ignorance and judgment that leads to the rejection and exclusion of those who live with this neurodevelopmental condition (our brains developed differently – our traits and behaviour are not often a choice).

Leanne consults on and advises clinicians, professionals, businesses, community and service organizations, including schools, workplaces and after-school programs, on how to better understand and accommodate individuals, especially children, living with ADHD, to provide more equitable and inclusive participation in their offerings.

Lived-experience with ADHD, BPD, cPTSD, Childhood Emotional Trauma, ACEs, Anxiety and Depression.

Recent Involvement:

Mental Health Commission of Canada – Consultant – Mental Health & Cannabis – Parenting and Cannabis Use.

Recovery Through Patient-Led Introspection and Self-Awareness: Writing For Rehabilitation“, Published in Ontario Shores Journal of Recovery in Mental Health, Vol. 4 No. 1 Winter 2020.

Canadian Mental Health Association National Conference, 2020 – “Integrating Appropriate Representations of People with Mental Health Concerns into Society/Research/Information”

Grandview Kids, Family Engagement – Coffee + Connecting.

Canadian Mental Health Association National Conference, 2021 – Facilitated a public conversation on the importance of supporting parental mental health.

Children’s Mental Health Ontario Conference, 2021 – “Parental Mental Health – Facilitating Positive Interdependence

Parents For Children’s Mental Health (Associated with Children’s Mental Health Ontario) – Guest Speaker at the monthly ADHD Group.