Parental Mental is an honest forum for parents
to share experiences and feelings while navigating
our own mental health challenges, including mental illness.

Tell Your Truth, Anonymously. 

My name is Leanne, and I’ve created Parental Mental to help parents gain access to a supportive network of other parents and caregivers to share and discuss the multitude of aspects that go along with caring for children, while managing our own mental health. 

A few years ago, at 40, I went through a very difficult time with my (mental) health.

I was scared to talk about it with most people because I feared the stigma attached to mental illness, terrified that my child would be taken away from me, so I hid it and ignored it, but it got worse and, eventually, I broke down and fell into a lengthy depressive state that included paranoia, social anxiety, agoraphobia, anger and suicidal thoughts. 

I was fortunate to find accessible and supportive help from medical professionals, including a medical doctor who practices psychotherapy, and a psychiatrist who heads up a clinic specializing in mood and anxiety disorders. 

Sadly, I understand that this is not the norm for so many people – therapy is difficult, not only in finding the time, especially as parents, but the associated costs can be overwhelming, especially if you are unable to work. Additionally, the courage that it takes for someone to acknowledge the need for therapy can take a long time to build up. 

During my illness and recovery, because writing to myself and to others about my situation and state of mind worked wonders for my healing,  I had the goal of establishing a space as a means for open and honest conversation and support. A place for parents to come together through Relatable Solidarity; sharing similar circumstances and finding solutions together. A way to alleviate some of the pressure while you’re seeking professional help. 

I built Parental Mental to fill the need that I experienced years ago, and still exists today. 
Parental Mental is free and accessible 24/7. 
It is a place where you can post honestly, anonymously, and without fear. 

Questions & answers posted in the Forum are read objectively (because everyone expresses themselves differently), and are not censored or highly moderated unless there is a complaint made to web admin.
The reason for this is, during times of mental crisis, our thoughts race in many directions, often beyond our control, and having to stifle our innermost emotions and thoughts does not help in our recovery, but hinders it, creating further anxiety and health concerns. 

It is my belief that, when we share our feelings, especially through writing, we purge them from inside of us and allow external solutions to present themselves. 

I look forward to becoming healthier parents raising healthier kids, together!

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